Béothuk Inc. is a company made up of various professionals working in the following fields:

Icône de plante


Icône de gouttes d'eau
Water treatment
Icône de pelleteuse

Soil decontamination

Icône de gestion de projet

Project management

Icône d'arbre

Forestry work

Specialized, attentive
and available

Considering that the majority of Béothuk Inc. workers and managers are indigenous, and that they are considered to be specialists in environmental protection, this may offer more opportunities for obtaining contracts involving environmental respect.


Otherwise, business relations and communications are facilitated since these resources are present in the company.


In addition, Béothuk being well located, becomes an important asset when the time comes to use an environmental company within a reasonable time frame and meeting the environmental requirements of the setting.

experience services

Béothuk Inc. has a team of experienced workers that performs maintenance, cleaning, brush clearing or deforestation work in any of the following areas: railway, forestry or civil engineering works. As part of specific public works, Béothuk Inc. can provide specialized equipment through its collaborators.


Béothuk can also carry out activities related to the environment such as land cleaning, removal of infrastructures, soil and water decontamination as well as site restoration.


Added to this is riprap, soil displacement, leveling, return to a natural topography, brush clearing, seeding, selective cutting, planting, installation of membranes as well as the installation of erosion prevention measures.


Béothuk Inc. can provide labor for skidding, handling during unloading and loading trains.


In addition, certain Béothuk resources can provide assistance in the administrative management of projects or contracts.

Béothuk’s Mandates

Estimation of reclamation costs after industrial activities.


The planning of (IFE) work.


Site restoration work, including, among others:

  • Cleaning, removal of infrastructures and decontamination of soil and water;
  • Rip-rap, soil displacement, leveling and the return to a natural topography;
  • Brush clearing, seeding, selective cutting and planting;
  • Installation of membranes, implementation of erosion prevention measures;
  • Surface and overland runoff management;
  • Creation of natural environments, such as streams, ponds, wetlands and lakes;
  • Installation of elements promoting the return of wildlife.


Punctual or periodic follow-ups of the changes in the natural environment after naturalizing.

Before - House hidden by multiple trees
After - House without trees around
Before - Car hidden by trees on the side of a house
After - Corner of a house with less trees

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