Béothuk Inc. is a young, indeginous company using ancestral knowledge of the territory, fauna and flora to revive environments that have suffered from human activities. The Head Office is located in the Innu community of Maliotenam.


Since the beginning of this millenium, all new projects have been developed with an emphasis on environmental protection. As a result, Béothuk relies on environmentally recognized collaborators, project management and specialized equipment. 

Meet the team

Béothuk is made up of a multidisciplinary team, working in various fields related to environmental management and project management.   

Marcellin Michel

Marcellin Michel

The leader

Joël Malec

Joël Malec

The consultant

Michel Valin

Michel Valin

The vice-president


Maintenance, removal of infrastructures, soil and water decontamination and site restoration

Icône de plante


Icône de gouttes d'eau

Water treatment

Icône de pelleteuse

Soil decontamination

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